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Agios Georgios Perachoritis

The small church is located north of the village and at the left of the tourist road, which leads to Troodos, under a large bridge.

It received the name "Perachoritis" because the neighbourhood there is called "Pera Geitonia" or "Pera Chorio". It was constructed in the 15 th century (1520). Externally it is made of stone and it seems to be of the Byzantine style. Internally it is entirely covered with frescoes. The frescoes however have been destroyed due to the passage of time. Only two of them are preserved. One portrays Saint Anastasia the "Farmakolytra" ("the one that remedies poisons") and the other Saint Paraskevi.

The small icon screen is woodcut and gilt-edged. The High Altar has a coloured decor. It is a small church and can accommodate around 50 believers.

A liturgy is conduced in it on the 23 rd of April or on Easter Monday, the day that Saint George's memory is celebrated and His holy icon is carried about in procession


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