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Panagia Theotokos

It is located at the entrance of Kakopetria. This is a small church. It was constructed in 1514 and it seems to be a Byzantine style chapel. The south side, due to a partial demolition done so as to clear the way for the road to Galata, reveals that it was then built with mud-bricks. Externally it was whitewashed. The roof is of the type accustomed in this region. It is wooden, v-shaped, and with flat tiles. This type of construction was dominant since the 13 th century.

Internally it is entirely covered with frescoes. The frescoes date back to the first half of the 16 th century. Some of them are destroyed. However, there are some that are in a relatively good condition.

The frescoes entitled "the Lord on the way to Golgotha", "Resurrection", "Pentecost", "the Assumption of the Virgin Mary", "Saint Maria the Egyptian", and "Saint Kosmas" are on the north wall.

On the east wall we find the frescoes of "the Ascension of Christ", "the Prophet David", "the wise Solomon", "the Prophet Isaiah", and others.

Prayers take place from the 1 st until the 13 th of August and many faithful sit in the yard -where there are some seats -so as to attend them.

A liturgy takes place on the 15 th of August, the day that the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated and many believers come to celebrate and kneel before Her holy icon.


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