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The community council of Kakopetria, is giving its best to help the improvement of the community. Within this frame, it has already accomplished many projects.

Some of these projects are:

  1. Opening of a rural road in the area Agios Nikolaos.
  2. Widening of the road Parveridon towards Skotini.
  3. Trimming of the platans.
  4. Trees and bush planting.
  5. Accomplishment of the project in the area of “Petra tou Antoginou”
  6. Accomplishment of the projects in the park “Elena Sofroniou”.
  7. Construction of a retaining wall in the street “Theichon neron”.
  8. Construction of stair steps and a pedestrian zone and placement of drains in the streets.
  9. Construction of a fountain, a drainpipe and construction of flower garden around the platens in the street Fotiadi Theodorou.
  10. Construction and placement of banisters in the Old village of Kakopetria.
  11. Construction of paths for the farmers.
  12. Beginning of a project for the construction of a place with panoramic view in the street Gerampelou.
  13. Beginning of embellishment works in the entry of the community.
  14. Purchase of a field, plans and beginning of a project for the extension of the cemetery.
  15. Construction of public toilettes in the street Kaloudiou.
  16. Construction of fountain in the parking place “Agios Georgios”.


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