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Tourist Development

Tourism in Kakopetria

The tourism in Kakopetria has started to develop since 1918. Before that time, the area of the new village was full of different kind of trees such as olives and many deciduous trees.

Many years ago, the area of “new” Kakopetria belonged to the monastery of Saint Nicolas Stegis and some years later to the Archbishop of Cyprus. In 1922, the Archbishop divided the land into 120 parcels which were given to the to the inhabitants of the village. From that time, the inhabitants started planting platans in the entire village and especially in the village’s plaza.

The cool climate, the natural beauty, the endless green spaces, the rivers and the rich folk tradition have attracted many visitors, and especially many rich people who stayed in the village during the summer months.  The first tourists of the village, who came by carriages and rented a place to spend the night, are traced in 1918.

The ancient Byzantine churches, such as the monastery of Saint Nicolas Stegis, the chapel of Saint George Perachoritis, the ancient church of Panagia Theotokos, the church of the Transfiguration and the unique traditional Mill are only some of the amazing sights of the village.

The success of this great tourist development is due to the traditional hospitality of the inhabitants of the village, their excellent service in all the tourist fields, their effort for a clean environment, the appropriate site development, the great number of hotels and other traditional shelters.

Even though the inhabitants are very conscious as far as it concerns the tourists, there are some things that still could be improved for a better tourist development.

The inhabitants of the village in cooperation with the authorities can make more efforts in order to improve the quality and quantity of the tourists.

We should note that many countries around the world, through their tourist information offices, promote the village of Kakopetria by distributing leaflets that show the natural beauty of the village. 


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