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January 2012

Dear visitors

I welcome you to the website of Kakopetria

I hope your navigation in our webpage is useful and interesting, as is aims to promote:

  • Immediate communication with our people
  • Projection of Kakopetria as a qualitative tourist destination
  • Designation of our natural wealth and human creation in the wider area

We present modern Kakopetria through our web pages, a community that is full of life, economical and political creation. Through pictures and texts presented in our user friendly website, we feel that each of you can experience the depth, the soul of Kakopetria, everything that is revealed or concealed in the beautiful valley of Solia.

The Community Council of Kakopetria has set as its main priority the conservation and reinforcement all those characteristics that make our community special. It aims to embrace all its inhabitants and help them free their power and potential as well as offer all visitors warm hospitality, great services and even better residence and travel infrastructure.

I am honored to be president of the Community Council and in cooperation with all its members we are trying, during our five-year service to meet our goals, and set new ones based on common objectives.

Our common and collective attempt through the internet focuses on each of our visitors and on the promotion of our local community in harmony with its surrounding nature.

Our culture designates the identity of our island as well our inextricable connection to our mediterranean periphery. Tourists are attracted by our contribution to the mosaic of the modern European civilization. Our green surroundings with running waters make Kakopetria a unique mountainous destination in our country, a continuous attraction for the demanding travelers.

The Community Council steadily plans and elaborates on these projects during its five-year service so as to maximize the possibilities of the community, in cooperation with neighboring communities.

Our greatest power is the inhabitants of our community and that is why we need them to actively participate in all of our attempts.

Besides, our website is nothing but a modern presentation of our projects, the projects of the people of this village.

Enjoy your navigation…

Best wishes

Ioannis Iacovides

President of Kakopetria

Community Council


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