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Christoforos Electrologos

One of the most progressive residents of Kakopetria, Christoforos or Christos Vasileiou, known to most people as Christoforos Electrologos (the second name means electrician), marked the history of the village as he managed, although a common carpenter and carver, to build an electric generator.

Electrologos envisaged the construction of a hydroelectric station while reading in the newspaper that a Dutchman had built an electric generator using water as its driving force.

He therefore started working on the construction of the generator. Originally, he built a wooden funnel and then moved on with the required works at the “Kappadouka” water channel, from which he would pump water. He made the channel deeper and wider so that it could transfer more water, something necessary for the current wheel to operate. More on the operation of the power station: Power Station 
Many people questioned him for the entire duration of the construction works. However, he was not disappointed and he continued with the same determination and zeal to construct the hydroelectric station. His efforts were faithfully supported by his wife, Orthodoxia Charalambous -Vasileiou.

On September 27, 1927, Electrologos brought the electric generator into operation, this way fulfilling his wish to illuminate Kakopetria and turn, as he would say, nights into days.

Kakopetria also owes to Electrologos the operation of the cinema, the first cinema in a village of Cyprus. The first cinema screen to operate was the summer cinema called “Orfefs”, whereas later on the same company operated a winter indoor cinema screen.

What is more, Electrologos was the first person to ever take a radio in Kakopetria, which he placed at the coffee shop of the square. As Charalambos Ar. Charalambides describes, villagers would gather to enjoy their coffee or some sweet delight called “lizo” and also to listen to the news and to some music from Electrologos’ radio.

Undoubtedly, this progressive man contributed to the growth of Kakopetria, both by supplying the village with electricity and with other projects, such as the operation of the cinema. 

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