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Power Station

The power station of Kakopetria began its operation in the early 20th century, and more specifically in 1926, due to the initiative and efforts of Christos Vasileiou. The source of energy of this power station was the water, which is something very important in the history of electricity in Cyprus.

The establishment of hydroelectricity in Kakopetria and the personal efforts of Christos Vasileiou are completely related to each other. The devotion and desire of Christos Vasileiou for the fulfillment of his goal, have actually won the lack of technical knowledge in the field. He learned everything he knew about electricity, when he worked in the mine of Amiandos.

In 1926 Christos Vasileiou, having on his side his wife, has decided to establish a power station. His dream seemed to be impossible at that time. The couple sold everything they had in order to buy a piece of land near the river Klarios or Karkotis (the area was also called Kappadoukas) where they wanted to built the power station.

They worked hard and they finally constructed a wooden “tower”. After the required tests it was replaced by a cemented one. The construction of the power station was completed on September 1927.

According to the son of the couple Vasileiou, the hydroelectric power station had the following structure: It was composed by a tower (50 meters) with an opening around 2 meters. The tower was joined with a cemented channel. Via this channel the water run into the hole and the runner began functioning. The runner activated the machine which finally provided the electric power.

When the power station was ready, some installations have begun in the village. The houses were connected to the power station via cables which passed through logs. Every house which requested electricity power, had one lamp, and the owners paid two cents per month.

On 17th September all the inhabitants of the village and many other visitors from other villages, gathered in the central plaza of Kakopetria to watch and admire the new power station which was accomplished after the hard work and many efforts of the couple Vasileiou. That night, the inhabitants of the village witnessed an important event for the history of the entire island. The power station of Kakopetria, which used water as the main source of electric power, was the first one of its kind in the island.

During the first years of the establishment of the power station, the inhabitants of the village were very skeptic -only thirty houses were connected with the station- and they even stopped the water from going in the station. The inhabitants pretended that they needed the water for their agricultural works thus, repressing its operation.

The first years of the operation of the hydroelectric power station, it worked for restricted hours according to the flow of water. For example, during winter, the power station produced electric power till one o’clock in the afternoon and during summer for fewer hours, as there was lack of water. When the farmers stopped the flow of the water, the station ceased its operation.

Despite all these obstacles, Christos Vasileiou managed to impart his knowledge to his son Andrea. In 1947, Andreas has become an expert in electrical installations, according to the pertinent regulations of the department of Public Works. Thanks to the new know-how and the increased needs of the village, the installations have expanded and diesel engines were bought and installed. The operation of the cinema “Orpheas” was also due to the efforts of Christos Vasileiou.

The use of diesel engines for the production of electric power has gradually expanded in the village and for a short period of time both the diesel engines and the hydroelectric power station operated together to cover the needs of the community. The diesel engines functioned during summer, when the quantity of water was reduced, and the hydroelectric power station function during winter.

Some years later, the provision of electric power became an obligation of the government and Christos Vasileiou, known as the “electrician of Kakopetria”, had no longer the right to run the business.

Nowadays, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus in cooperation with the Community Council of Kakopetria are trying hard to restore the hydroelectric power station of the area. Within this effort, the two authorities replace different parts of the station and intend to make it a museum.


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