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Kakopetria’s Forest

The forest of the village covers 25.500 hectares and it lies on Troodos. It consists the National Forest Park. 

It is one of the most beautiful forests in Cyprus and has many natural beauties such as natural trails and roads. The most important trails are:

  1. The trail which begins from Xilovrisi Troodos – Mnimata ton Episkopon and it stops in Apotheri. In older times, this trail was the main road for Troodos.
  2. The trail which begins from Kannaoures-Pezounokremo and it stops at Saint Nicolas Stegis.

Some of the most important locations in the forests are: Laxia tou Koufou, Skotini, Apotheri, Pezounokremmos, Zoumi, Neron tou Pefkou, Kokkinorotsos, Troullin tou Mouchtari, Livadi tou Papaphilippou, Pitera, Mnimata ton Episkopon, Alas, Platania, Karvounas, Pikromiloudi, Kannoures and Fterikeri.

The most important types of trees and bushes are: Turkish pines (pinus brutia) start from Kakopetria and stop in Amiandos. On the top of Olimpos you will meet many Austrian pines (Pinus nigra) and of course cypresses. The banks of the two rivers of the village are dressed with platans and aldes. You will be amazed by the platans near the forest station of Platania. The main types of bushes are: latzia, antrouklia, sfentamies, sterakies, wild apple trees, wild roses and xistarkies. 

The majority of the village of Solea and Pitsilia take potable water from this forest. Garilis and karkotis, which rise from the forest, are joined in the village and form another river called Klarios which irrigate the valley of Solia.

In village, near the forest station there is a camping place for the tourists. The forest station is the base of three other forest regions: the one of Troodos, Limassol and Adelfi.

At “Moutti ton mnimaton” above the “Mnimata ton Episkopon” there was the first fire guard house. At that time, when a fire had burst, the two rangers of the area run to the fire station of Platania and informed the fire men. Nowadays, the messages for any fire bursting in the area are sent by phones, cell phones or walkie-talkies. 

During the Turkish occupation, there were big kilns for the elaboration of tar. You can see one of them near the location “Pervoli”, another one at the location “Atsoupokamino”, near “Pikromiloudi” and the last one at the location “Kamioudi”.

Till recently there were chromium mines at “Nero tou Pefkou” (pine’s water) and Kannaoures. Near Saint Nicolas Stegis, there was a factory for the elaboration of chromium. Many inhabitants of Kakopetria and of other vicinal villages worked there.


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